LED vs Fluorescent: Why are People Switching?

LED vs Fluorescent: Why are People Switching? led vs fluorescent t8 led vs fluorescent led t8 vs fluorescent

LED vs Fluorescent

For many years Linear Fluorescent Lights have been the go-to when it comes to lighting large indoor spaces. Fluorescent lamps are able to convert more input power into visible light than incandescent lamps, which of course made them quickly rise in popularity. They also typically last 10 – 20 times longer than an equivalent incandescent lamp which makes them less expensive to operate in the long run. That aside, there is a new lighting technology on the market now, and it’s giving linear fluorescents a major run for their money. Continue reading


Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season

As we ramp into Hurricane Season this year it is very important to prepare for the unexpected. Even though this is predicted to be a slow Atlantic hurricane season, it only takes one storm to make a detrimental impact. According to the National Hurricane Center, 2005 was considered a slow season, yet it produced the costliest hurricane in history, Katrina. Damages across the Gulf Coast region resulted in a total of over 105 Billion US dollars. The key take-away from the entire experience is that proper preparation can save your property and more importantly your life. Continue reading

Top 10 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

TOP 10 DIY Gifts For DadFather’s Day is just around the corner and sometimes the best gift for a dad is something handmade especially for him. Here are 10 great do-it-yourself ideas for father’s day. Whether you’re a workshop pro or you’re a total newbie, there’s something here in this list that anyone can make, for any type of dad! Continue reading

More Times Than Not — Dad Knows Best!

More Times Than Not — Dad Knows Best! Happy Father's Day

The right way to handle things, the wrong way to handle things, and my least favorite of them all: The “I don’t know–you tell me” way to handle things.

If I compiled a list of all the things I’ve learned from my father, I’m certain it would have no end. My dad is totally blue collar, capable of what most think is impossible. He sports the same pearl snap shirts he debuted in the 1980’s and would probably still be wearing the matching Wranglers he rocked to his pastime college rodeos had he not gained an extra 40 pounds. Continue reading