Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season

As we ramp into Hurricane Season this year it is very important to prepare for the unexpected. Even though this is predicted to be a slow Atlantic hurricane season, it only takes one storm to make a detrimental impact. According to the National Hurricane Center, 2005 was considered a slow season, yet it produced the costliest hurricane in history, Katrina. Damages across the Gulf Coast region resulted in a total of over 105 Billion US dollars. The key take-away from the entire experience is that proper preparation can save your property and more importantly your life.

When preparing for Hurricane Season, develop your own Emergency Supply Kit. For example, compile a list of all the supplies you would need in order to sustain a basic standard of living, if power outages or even structural damage were to affect your personal life and property.

Consider the following items when making your Hurricane Supply Kit:

Hurricane Emergency List

Although these items represent a large percentage of what you will need if a hurricane were to strike, please use these suggestions as a starting point, one can never be too prepared. Other areas of focus when making emergency preparation plans should be given to your children, pets, and home. Follow the links below to gather more information on how to be prepared for Hurricane Season this year.

Helpful Resources:


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