LED Rebates in California

California LED Rebate Guide for ContractorsAttention Lighting Contractors in California!

Did you know that there’s an online database that can help you search for LED Lamps and Fixtures that qualify for at LEAST one of many different energy rebates in the state of California?

The site is called, “The California Statewide Qualified LED Product List. It lists several LED products that qualify for at least one of the utility energy rebate incentives offered by Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, and/or Southern California Edison utilities.

All of the lamps or fixtures which are included on the site are all Energy Star Qualified, DLC approved, or utility approved. The website product listings are also updated on a daily basis in order to provide the most up-to-date, real-time view of products qualifying for energy rebates in California. All of the information provided to the site comes directly from the Lighting Facts list.

So let’s say that you’re working on a large lighting  project for a parking lot. Not only is it important for your client that you use LED so that he’ll save money over time, but he also wants to save some money on the initial purchase of the fixtures.  In this situation, The California Statewide Qualified LED Product List website could be helpful in several ways. Say that you’re already accustomed to buying your LED fixtures from our store over at Wholesale Contractor Supply. You even have a particular model of Howard Lighting Roadway Light that you’re comfortable with working on because of previous projects. However, you’re unsure about whether or not that particular roadway fixture will qualify for an energy rebate.

Howard Lighting Dusk to Dawn

This is where the database becomes an invaluable asset for contractors working in California. 

You can type in the model number for the most up to date results on that particular LED fixture.

DTDU on Database

As luck may have it, the  LED light in our example does indeed qualify for 2 different rebates. One rebate is a $40 per fixture incentive provided by Pacific Gas and Electric, while the other one qualifies for $50 per fixture by San Diego Gas and Electric.

40 Dollar Rebate50 Dollar Rebate

Of course, if you didn’t know of a particular model offhand that qualified for an energy rebate, you can search by product category. For instance, if you are looking for an LED downlight recessed fixture, you can search for a qualifying product by browsing through the category.

Search by Category

You can browse through the different fixtures and look at all of the important specs like lumens, wattage, efficacy, CRI, life and more.

LED Retrofit Downlight on database

Once you find a product that meets your specific qualifications and applies for an energy rebate, you can go to your supplier and see if they have the product in stock.

Maxlite listing on WCS

The database is a great resource for any contractors working in California, you can save time and money by easily searching for rebates for your LED lamps and fixtures.

For more information about how rebates and incentives work, please visit our previous blog post about Energy Rebates and Incentives.

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-Written by Dane Gustafson


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