How to Handle Construction Job Delays

How to Handle Construction Job DelaysWhenever a construction job begins, it’s in everyone’s best interest to do one thing as accurately as possible: predict the future.

Unfortunately, not everyone can foresee events that may inhibit the completion of a project. Since such events often lead to downtime during delays, the real question becomes, “How do you handle unexpected job delays?”

Here are some of the most common types of job delays followed by some ideas about how to get through them: Continue reading


How to Win Contracting Jobs

How to Win Contracting Jobs

As a wise green muppet called Yoda once said, “Do… or do not. There is no try.” Because it’s a world of competition out there for contracting jobs, there really is “no try” when it comes to being just the right person that clients look to hire. Here are eight valuable skills to master so that you can stand out as a powerful “Force” among your competitors and claim your position as The Chosen One for potential clients. Continue reading

How to Recognize and Reduce Job Site Theft

How to Recognize and Reduce Job Site Theft

Theft of construction equipment is a national epidemic. At first you may not notice the disappearance of small items from the job site. However, once the thieves deduce that they’ve gotten away with it, larger things may start to go missing. Unfortunately, in many cases, such thieves happen to be on the company’s payroll. Continue reading

How to be a Respectful Residential Contractor

How to be a Respectful Residential Contractor


Working on a project at a residential building presents its own unique set of circumstances. Unlike a more corporate setting, projects set in a home environment mean that your employer is inviting you to come into a very private world of family and the household. While it’s not as straightforward as in other environments, maintaining a professional and pleasant relationship in this setting can be done. Ultimately, the things you need to be aware of all boil down to one thing, respect.

In honor of Aretha Franklin, here are seven guidelines to remember when working in someone’s home to help you demonstrate the right amount of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Continue reading